You can help save the planet!

We only have one planet. And if we don’t do anything right now, soon we won’t have it anymore. 

What if nothing is done?

If we, as human beings, do not take action immediately, we will suffer major consequences.


Global Temperature

An increase of 3ºC is expected until the end of the 21st century. The poorest and most vulnerable people will be the most affected. 


Sea Level

The sea level has increased around 20cm since 1880, and an increase between 30cm and 122cm is expected until 2100, devastating coastal cities


Extinction of
Animal Species

A possible extinction of 25% to 50% of animal species is expected, caused by global warming. 

How can those problems be solved?

Carbon neutrality

Zero Carbon

To limit the global warming of 1.5ºC, CO2 emissions must decrease 45% until 2030 and reach 0% in 2050.


A bold action can generate at least US$ 26 trillion in economic benefits until 2030.


Carbon offset credits are the main tool to reduce CO2 impacts in nature. 

Why is GoCarbo necessary?

We unite forest preservation with sustainable generation of profits. 


We have arrived in the market to demystify the idea that doing business in nature only causes harm and destruction to the environment. 

Investment Cost

Our premise is to allow any person in the world to invest in sustainable businesses, and not only large companies

Support to the local community and to science

We will help the population and environment projects that are near. Furthermore, we will support the development of sustainable scientific research.

Technology and Monitoring

Using Blockchain, IoT, Georeferencing and AI, we will ensure the constant monitoring of environment preservation.

Carbon credits are only the tip of the iceberg

Forest preservation brings many more benefits to the community, science, companies and to human and animal life on Earth, such as sustainable extraction of food and raw materials.

How will sustainable investments work?


Amazon Rainforest

GoCarbo will have sustainable hectares in the Amazon Rainforest, divided into large lots, that will be made available to companies, residents of local communities or projects that wish to develop sustainable businesses in the forest.

Sustainable Tokens

When choosing to make an investment in GoCarbo, the client acquires a GoCarbo token, corresponding to an unique area inside the sustainable lots.


This token acquired ensures the client the right to receive a percentage on the profits of sustainable projects developed inside the area corresponding to your token.


All businesses developed in the place will be 100% sustainable and will ensure forest preservation and renewal. The client will have access to a monitoring application for accompaniment.

Discover our project

We are the first project on carbon saving in the world that uses Artificial Intelligence, Georeferencing, Blockchain, IoT and Cryptoassets!

We are a startup founded by a group of companies, scientists, Phd professors, and experts with government support and universities to help solve a global problem and attract to Amazonia technology companies and change the current scene of destruction.

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Begin market research, opportunities and project idealization.

Raising Seed

Raising SEED (Angels) with the aim of preparing a project to launch GoCarbo tokens and raising through ICO.

Project Start

Company’s official opening - CNPJ - Internal work team.


Project Financing

Step 1 - Raising angel to prepare for ICO launching
Step 2 - ICO launching to raise investments for the development of GoCarbo products and projects.

Development of Token Plataform

Development of a platform that offers possibility for people and companies to invest on carbon credit projects earning tokens.

Development of Monitoring System

Development of partnership with EMBRAPPI for a monitoring system that ensures quality and origin of carbon credits acquired. 

Own Project of Carbon Credit 

After the development of a carbon credit tokens ecosystem, a platform for negotiation and a monitoring system, we will move forward to a differentiated model of carbon credit. 
Step 1 - Land leasing.
Step 2 - Purchase of own lands.
Step 3 - Business Development in the Amazon.


Database Infraestructure
Hosting and Security



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